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General Awareness is an important segment in banking exams as this topic is not only asked in exams but is also important for the interview purpose as many banking and financial terms can be asked at the time of interview.So, in order to master General Awareness, it is important to understand the various segments of it and the strategy to decode this paper. General Awareness is divided into five sections:-

  • Banking Awareness
  • Financial Awareness
  • Macro Economics
  • Static General Awareness
  • Current Affairs

Banking Awareness


This segment is divided into parts Both the topics are important for the purpose of learning.The aspirant can cover current banking terms from the current affairs and the later can be covered through classes.


Financial Awareness


This topic covers the Indian Financial System which is important for exams and can be covered by the classes content.In order to master this topic, continuous revision is important.


Macro Economics


This topic covers some very important topic knowledge of which is utmost essential for an aspirant.The topic under this will be RBI and its Monetary Policy, Inflation, National Income, Budget, and Taxes.


Static G.A.


This topic may reach up to 5-6 marks or sometimes even more than that. The only way to master this topic is continuous learning and revision.Special focus to be given to the topics in news like countries(capital & currency) or national parks or important days of recent months.


Current Affairs


This segment is very important as 30-40% of questions are asked from here. Aspirant need to work a bit harder as this section can only be mastered with continuous revision or by preparing handy notes, practicing daily quiz, watching video on weekly current affairs on regular basis.


If you want to shine like Sun, first burn like a Sun.

Nothing seems inconceivable if decided. A proper strategy is what you need for your convenience the lectures are designed in a way which will help you to master your concept well. Happy Learning.

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Very good course for banking general awareness

Akhila Priya

Mar 02, 2018

Very good course. Explained the concepts in very detail manner

Sapna Priyanka

Mar 02, 2018

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