Bank Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

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Quantitative Aptitude section in the Bank exam plays a crucial role because the majority of the candidates are not good with the numbers or either they did not get many resources to prepare for it. If you have the hands on the basic mathematics and have done a lot of practice then you can definitely ace this section and improve your chances of winning the test. 

Rodha has prepared this course to improve your basic mathematics skills and give you hands-on practice with easy learning techniques. This course employs a holistic approach to learning where the instructors will teach you the basic principles of the topics included in the exam. The practice papers have been designed that are similar to the ones that appear in the Bank exams.  

We have designed a smart strategy with the sample papers, videos for easy learning and many practice questions with similar concepts that are tested in the exam.  This course will help you in improving upon the concepts that are part of the exam and will provide you with the shortcuts and logic that will assist you in the exam


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every concept very well explained, right from scratch to ace.. superb teaching

Tanvir Pinjari

Nov 30, -0001

superb concept building videos and at almost no cost

Tanvir Pinjari

Nov 30, -0001

superb concept building videos and at almost no cost

Tanvir Pinjari

Nov 30, -0001

Very nice videos, waiting for full course

Jagruti Agarwal

Mar 02, 2018

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Ravi Prakash

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